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Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's in the mail, rural reverie

If it grabs your attention, you better stop and take a photo of it, because it may be gone tomorrow. I learned that long ago as a newspaper and amateur photographer. And I'm reminded again every time I paint something from out in the field or from a photograph. 
In my mailbox reverie at the moment, I remembered a painting I did five years ago, from a photo by friend Rusty Lange of Tulsa. She's got a journalistic photographer's eye for the uncommon in every day places.

I saw her photo of this mailbox, painted it and sent it to her. Later she told me the mailbox was no longer. It's also happened with the rural West Texas fence posts I painted near my daughter's house a year ago. The fence is now gone, replaced by metal posts.
So I started looking for other mail boxes to paint, and these showed up on a Google search. I can see some paintings in the future.


  1. Not only are our mail boxes disappearing also our mail service they want to reduce it to only a couple of days a week.

    1. One of the real wonders of our government and civilization has been the daily mail, reliable everywhere. It is reliable, and we Americans are unfortunately leading to its demise because of disuse, via email, digital technology, and more. Sad.

  2. I just found Coffee with Clark and look forward to reading and also catching up with some of your past posts. Thus said, you have perhaps covered this, but the other things that seems to be disappearing are the old water towers. Maybe as I familiarize myself with your blog I will find some paintings here.

    1. You are right, and have to travel to really small towns to find them. Haven't painted them, and must start. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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