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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Out here there's the sky, and the clouds

Oklahoma thunderhead, by David J. Holland
When you grow up in the home of an artist, walls covered with paintings and drawings, you don't buy much art. 
Years later, as I attempt to  paint, I'm still not much on buying art. I do have an art collection, mostly small works, from Native American and others you've never heard of. I've picked them up over the years...sculpture, carvings, pottery, paintings, masks, weaving.  So you know it's got to "tickle my fancy" for me to want to buy art. By that I mean, really grab my attention and emotions, and meet exacting standards I always measure against my Dad's work.
So it's no wonder I am pleased to have a painting from an artist I recently met, fellow Oklahoman David Holland. Check his web page for more info and samples of his artwork. I first saw his work on Facebook, and was instantly grabbed, because he has a unique vision, and he paints subjects that are dear to my heart, and my art..skies, and particularly, clouds. We went to see his show at Acosta Strong Fine Art at 6420 N. North Western, just north of 63th. Susan told me I needed to buy one to help inspire me.
I purchased this 5" by 7" of his recently, after viewing his work in the gallery and striking up a conversation. I wouldn't afford the big ones, and didn't really want to spend money on the smaller ones I saw--two on the website I liked were already sold. David then painted this specifically for me...saying it's the fifth time he's painted this storm.
I went to pick it up a week ago, and we got to chat  for about 30 minutes. What a treat, and what a story that I must try to tell sometime soon, hopefully in print.
He paints oils that will stun you with his vision. We agreed that perhaps you have to live in Oklahoma and the Great Plains to get the stories he's telling, because these clouds are not fiction, but part of who we are. Like me, he stands outside taking photos of clouds. 
His show, part of the "New West" show,  continues through Aug. 30. Go treat yourself. My treat is hanging on our wall. My photo doesn't catch the full range of colors  and textures, but it gives you a hint.
Here's a view from the gallery with his paintings.

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