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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Black Mesa imagination closer to home

You don't have to travel 365 miles to Oklahoma's far northwest corner to sample that dramatic landscape including Black Mesa.
You should, and I did three years ago, and have hiked to our state's highest point. But on a rare free Saturday, I drove to The Sam Noble Museum of Natural History at OU in Norman. I went to see an extraordinary Western art exhibit, but before I left, I just had to go upstairs and see the Black Mesa exhibit.
It is more than realistic in the 2,000 square-foot dioramas, depicting the landscape and the wildlife...from tarantulas, to snakes, rabbits, small birds to large ravens, pronghorn, whitetailed deer, mountain lion and bison and more.
Take  a trip into imagination with the extremely realistic, lifelike and interactive displays...you leave your cares behind.
Me on top of Black Mesa...I'm not a museum exhibit, yet
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  1. The family needs to revisit Sam Noble. It has been years and I bet they have renewed many of their already excellent exhibits. I really need to go to Black Mesa and check things out.


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