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Friday, October 30, 2015

Trumping Trick or Treat

Vintage artifact--me, and the photo by friend and colleague Mark Zimmerman taken with a 4x5 Speed Graphic, real flashbulb, 100 ASA film, and then scanned...there aint' no grain in this folks, you can enlarge it to a wall size post if you wish. Mark, a collector of vintage photography equipment and expert in vintage photography, is going to party tonight as WeeGee. 

Favorite "holiday" for all ages--pumpkin carving Jack o'lanterns, and costumes and trick or treat.

I love it because you get to have fun and poke fun--America needs humor more than ever. Past costumes have been a hard-hat wearing Tea-partyier (which almost got me slugged by a fanatic without humor), Steve Irvin the crocodile man, and more.  
This year's obvious version--Trump!
Previous years follow:
With David Nelson


Taureg and gypsy

As bro in law Jim Henry says, "I can see why you're still working"

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  1. I'd love to have a Speedgraphic photo. I know where to get the film developed.

    We need humor more than ever. The tea party folks can really dish things out but sure get thin skinned when they get it in return.

    Keep on going Terry!


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