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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Time to start writing the story of #clarkclass

Hideaway lunch for survivors of Twitter for Media #clarkclass 10.0
By @Okieprof
(This is a reprint of an article on the Twitter for Media  class blog, the innovative intersession class, hashtagged #clarkclass. Just completing its 10th session, (Started in spring intersession 2012-2013) it has become my favorite, energized by speakers from many fields, and terrific mature students. It's a class of exploration and discovery, and "winging it" creativity. It's time to start writing the story of the class. To get a sense of it, check the class blog by clicking here: I dare you! #clarkclassUCO)
Those who could make it through schedules, and snow and ice, ate at Hideaway Pizza in Edmond, celebrating the end of an intense two weeks. Out of a record 27 students this year, these hardy souls made it to gather one more time.
The class never fails to astound me about the quality and positive attitude of our students at UCO and in UCO_MCOM, and in stuff we all learn in this rapidly changing media world.
An indication of that came with the snow storm that canceled class yesterday and today, leading to a #twitterclassstorm. As the class is unique in Oklahoma, more innovation came as a result. Student presentations of professionals who use twitter were scheduled both yesterday and today.
#clarkclass ready to innovate
What to do? Wing it. Students sent me their summary outlines and screen shots of their "adoptees."
I posted them all on this blog, and then at 10 a.m. we began at twitterclassstorm, all tweeting and commenting as we scrolled through their subjects.
This is probably a first of a class being conducted on twitter. This would not have been possible perhaps five years ago.
You can scan through those reports, in the three previous posts on this blog. Excuse the lack of consistency in format, but there wasn't time to make them uniform since the decision to abandon a campus class for twitter didn't come till about 5 pm last night. I took what I got and posted it.
"Content" the speakers said. We have that. It was loose, with some confusion and questions, but creativity isn't always  so uniform. It emphasized how twitter is a communication tool.
I'm particularly thankful for all our speakers who share their experiences, and to those who agree to be interviewed. You make the class.
It's about time for me to try to write the story of this class. I know I've got enough material from tweets and speaker comments to write a book.
But first, I've got to read  and grade all these students' "analog" but digitally submitted assignments.

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