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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The four horses of the apocalypse . and magic!

Peace, 5 by 7 watercolor

Color, 5 by 7 watercolor
Hope, 5 by 7 watercolor
Magic, 5 by 7 watercolor

Unicorn! Reaction to yesterday's unicorn painting and believing in magic tells me there is a crying need for magic in this state and country and world right now. People are tired of the overwhelming materialism and corruption.
We need some unicorns. Not death, famine, war and conquest, from Rev. 6:1. 
So here are the four horses of the apocalypse, three joining yesterday's, full of magic for people and judgment for those who believe only in themselves (the legislature, and congress and the president, and certain other dictators. 
Reminding us there is vibrant color and magic and peace and hope.

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