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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Having fun? You must be learning

Refresh Creative--humor and success--part 2.

Bryan and Jenny Grigsby, @RefreshCreate

Quit your jobs, start out on your own, in an area that's not your college major?
"Trail Boss" and "Content Curmudgeon," @RefreshCreate
Why not? @RefreshCreate, Jenny and Bryan Grigsby have done that, running social media for 11-12 clients, mostly restaurants, like Hideaway. It's all been word of mouth references also...they haven't had to advertise. 
They work from home, and their advice to #clarkclass was punctuated with humor and practical advice.
After they left, we debrief, which is apparently turning into a contest, as@Yolexiswade Alexis Wade tweeted a photo--"Clash of the Titans." 
Judging by the smiles, we must be having fun, which means learning.

Debriefing again recorded by@MadisonSturgill
  • The art of this job is bouncing off of each other to create content
  • Human interaction is very important
  • Being a part of a team
  • Must maintain thick skin when receiving criticism
  • Improve is super important to have as a skill
  • Where ever you go, meet people
  • Identify the tone and voice of your clients
  • It’s just one big tangled mess
  • Posting is just barely the tip of the iceberg
  • Humor and personality in the job
  • If you’re not connected to the people, you aren’t connected to their business
  • Don’t take everything on twitter so seriously
  • There’s no such thing as a typical day
  • You can go into your day thinking things will go one thing but they never do
  • They don’t promote themselves
  • They really enjoy their jobs – no matter the money
  • Humor is great but don’t let it go too far
  • You will run into obstacles that you don’t normally see
  • They had to figure out how and what to respond to different posts
  • Develop your social media page like a character

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