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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The miracle of life from death on a walk in the park

Life, and beauty, from death, Hafer Park
Everywhere you turn, on a walk in Hafer Park on a cool morning after a rain, if you look and listen, you can be almost overwhelmed by the beauty, and sacredness of life...and death.
A walk in the park
Those are the times as I age and become more aware of life and death, when I talk to myself--which if you believe in an omnipresent god--is talking to eternity.
It helps you to see, to look, to enjoy...and to know as Native Americans and many other non-Western materialistic cultures know, that all life is connected, and so is what we call "death," which isn't an ending, but a beginning of new life.
No death. No life.
Which also inspires art.
Whew. Deep stuff for a walk in the park. Thus these photos.

What are flowers but beautiful death producing seeds for more life
Death amid life...I want to paint this tree

Miracles of life, if you look

Life, death..this always make me think of Poe's "...dark tarn of Auber," in Ulalume.

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