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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Apocalyptic window

Apocalyptic Window View, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" watercolor
What is a window? An opening, a multiple metaphor of journeys, living and dying.
Today's World Watercolor Prompt daily challenge was "Window View."
My double challenge was to see it abstractly--not a science fiction view of planets, or weird Picasso shapes, but ?
I've been reading "Good Omens," a hilarious comedy about the end of the world by Gaiman and Pratchett, after seeing the TV series--which includes four modern "horsemen" of the apocalypse--now riding motorcycles. (Read the book, it's hilarious Brit humor about an angel and a demon trying to prevent Armageddon.)
Then I turned to Revelation 6, where they're first mentioned.
Note (What follows is my opinion, but did help influence this painting): I don't believe anyone can predict when the end is coming. Jesus said so, explicitly (Matt, 24:36).  Puts mud in the eye (or throat) of all these TV false prophets who repeatedly claim to know exactly--day, time and place--when it's going to happen--arcanely interpreting Revelation's prophecies to fit their view of history, all for their own ends, raising money for themselves.  Besides, I ask, what time zone are you referring to? And what man-made calendar? Bad, uncertain  times these days? Every time there has been a bad uncertain time people have feared the end of the earth. The Oklahoma Dust Bowl black Sunday. WWII. etc. (Partial end of rant.)
And, then I thought, books are also windows--windows to other worlds, facts, cultures, imaginations. When I open a book I get to travel with the writer--including John the Apostle, my favorite New Testament writer.
He wrote that the scroll was being opened, one seal at a time. 
Ah, a scroll is a book, is a window. Revelation 6 opens a window view on four horsemen who thunder at you for the end of time--white for pestilence-with a crown and bow, red for war-with a sword, black for famine-with scales, and pale(ashen) for death-not carrying anything but often pictured with a scythe. 
Seems to me that most of Revelation is abstract writing--full of images and symbols and writing we can't completely understand (Beware of anyone who tells you there is only one way to interpret it). Had a Bible teacher one time who  insisted it could be read only one way. Know any other symbols that can be interpreted only one way?  Usually by fanatics. Such an insult to the quality and importance of the author and his visions.  
So, here's my appropriately abstract window view of two other abstract windows--the scroll and the images from Rev. 6. Today's  watercolor, 300 lb. d'Arches cold press paper.
(P.S. Open another window in your life and read another good book, Revelation--it'll open windows of wonder and thought)

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