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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Beauties of the beasts

"Beauty and Beast," 11 x 14 300 lb d'Arches cold press paper
Thunderstorms are schizophrenic, beauties and beasts.
Yesterday's storms,  filling our skies with dramatic clouds, also  brought so much hail damage to parts of Oklahoma.
One of yesterday's inspirations
But I never fail to go take photos of them, and then try to paint them. I've not done many recently, because in watercolor they're sometimes difficult to make them look alive and real.
Today I had to try, on the promise to myself that I'd not paint from a photo, but from an image in my head. I'm not trying to duplicate a photo. And I painted on very damp heavy paper. 
I'm not particularly happy with this entire painting, though I am pleased with the unintended "fuzziness" impression, but at least I attempted it, and learned.
Thunderheads are also beauties and beasts to try to paint.

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