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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Meditation on the Colors of the Futures

"The Future," 5 x 5 acrylic on canvas

As another year nears past tenses, we'll be spending more time thinking about futures.

While we dwell much on the past, or pondering the future, most of the wisdom writing of humans urges us to live in the present.

For that, we have the examples of the rest of living beings, who exist only in the present, we think. And then there's that mysterious saying in the Old Testament from Yahweh, "I am that I am." In Eternity, another name I have for God, or the Spirit, there is no past nor future, only present.

And if you believe we're created in the spiritual images of the Spirit (there are no other), and if you believe the Spirit is omni-present, that means we are part of that eternity.

Yet, we forget and rue the past and worry about the future. Those are lessons I've learned many hard ways.

So today's little painting almost mocks the idea of futures, with a gate opening on multiple paths and colors, and a grainy (textured) universe. 

Soon available @Inyoureyestudio&gallery at @PaseoArtsDistrict.

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