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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Ten Days 'til Christmas

"Christmas Spirits," 5 x 7 acrylic on card stock

             Unseasonable weather in a disruptive year make it difficult to realize Christmas is only ten days away.  But change brings change, and I had to try something different to cope

When it doesn't even seem like Christmas, I need  therapy for the turmoil and hassle and down moods. I find it in painting, especially in an annual tradition of painting and sending greeting cards, which I've done for more than a decade now.

Up until this year, they were all watercolors, each one unique. But what started as a small effort for family members and a few friends grew to a project, while enjoyable, that seemed to be stuck in a rut devoid of creativity.

So this year, I changed two approaches. First, I switched to acrylic paintings. Then, instead of doing about 100 individual cars, I did about 11 different ones, bought a new printer, and printed about 10 of each to send.

It still took time, especially deciding who would get which card and trying to avoid duplicating crds with the same group of people.

I've already posted two of the cards on the blog earlier--one of the moon on snow and another of a red mailbox in snow. Here's one for today, catching the spirit of the season and my spirit as well.


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  2. I agree with you on both points. Sometimes change is good and you have to save your sanity. I switched from oils to mainly watercolors for the same reason this year. I needed something different less time consuming and fun again.

  3. We cherish the cards that you send every year and I'm glad you changed the way you do things to make it more sustainable to do. We got ours the other day and it is beautiful.


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