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Sunday, January 9, 2022

When Nature Speaks

"Sunset on ice," 8 x 10 acrylic on canvas panel

Sometimes Nature speaks to you if you listen. Not in words, but in impulses, in sights and sounds and moods.

So it was when I saw  a dramatic photo by my blog friend Alan Bates on one of his hikes in the Turkey Mountain urban wilderness at Tulsa this week.

Alan's photo
and I met online several years ago when our blogs caught each other's attention. Some of that was because we both have memories of New Mexico,  and a love for the outdoors and photography. 
He's also an avid geocacher, and spends more time outdoors than I do, hiking and bicycling. On this photo he added drama with a Snapseed filter and the iphone's ArtCard app.

We follow each other on Facebook, that's the story of the photo of sunset on a partially frozen pond. I'd been searching for something different to paint, and Nature spoke.

 I also tried to add drama, taking artistic license with it to flip it horizontally for composition purposes. Then I just started painting, using palette knives for texture, not sure where it was going. Before I was through I discovered I'd gone back to favorite complementary colors, oranges and blues. Brushwork added a few finishing touches. 

I discovered more about myself here too. I was not tied down to reality--my usual fault. Instead  I painted looser, ending up more impressionistic, with  more texture and more vibrant color (the colors you see are actual). It just seemed to happen.

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  1. I finally got to my laptop so I could see bigger view than on my phone. Your painting pops up and what gets me is that the lighting in the grass foreground just right. Your version is what I saw live, my edited photo turned the light down a little bit.


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