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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Amid all the hoopla about the future of journalism,, one of the best tv programs, especially in regard to international journalism, is the program IFC...on cox channel 207 here in Okiehoma. Great commentary, right now, on the Russian invasion of Georgia (No, George Bush, that's not the state of Georgia, no need to send troops to Atlanta). Check it out soon.

This still applies in Okiehoma, with our retardo state senate and theFlaming sLips controversy...just because he wore a hammer and sycle tshirt. Russian communism is almost 2 decades extinct. But today, American national media are weak, except for the NY Times and WS Journal. Others are slaves to infotainment.

Journalism is stronger elsewhere in the world...what does that say about the weakness of our freedoms?

Ursa tha professa

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