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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Onion Buys NY Times

The Onion has ceased publication in LA and SF! No joke. Still alive in NY and where else? Switching more to online: can't sell ads. This smells. One of the few sources of satire and fun left in this all-to-serious world is much needed.

Thankfully, we still have The Daily Show and Cobert Report, but the Onion is an institution. it teaches you how to write humor, how to look at the world freshly, how to have fun.

Anyway you slice this, this has appeal for more comment.

Consider some potential Onion Headlines we'll miss:

Okie Legislature Passes Law Banning Thinking
Rednecks Demand Statue at State Capitol
Edmond Developers to Pave Over Hafer Park
OKC Thunder Won't Play if It's Lightning
Edmond Outlaws Democrats
Rush Suffocates on His Ego
Cheney Tells Therapist, 'I've always played with puppets'
Exclusive Interview: God says his real name is 'Allah'
Boren Fires Stoops, Says He Wants Coach Who Can Win a Bowl Game
Stoops Says He Couldn't Live on $250,000+ a Month Anyway
OSU Student Fails Because He Couldn't Spell "Aggie"
Obama Names Clark Ambassador to Oklahoma

You get the idea? Got any?

ursa tha' professa

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