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Sunday, June 21, 2009

LUST in higher ed

Where have you been, Prof?
I went to the AAEC to discuss the AQIP for BOROC after our NSSE and NCATE ratings didn’t match our FSSE and CIRP date?
Huh? Nessie and fessie could chirp?
Yeah, I know. The AAC reviewed the AAB memo with the AALT in the ASC for the SSCI plans with the ELA and ExCom.
What, again? Skiing and air conditioning?
Yeah, it was different because the AAUP and CIF at the CLPD for CQIT training in the ADP, without E&G funds for the FEC and IT in case of COLA.
What was “it” and a “Coke”?
I told you, the NCCI and NACUBO and UCOSA think that HERI will fill out the IPPs.
Who pees?
Well, it’s simple. OCAST goes to IR and the IRP for the FE before taking the GSS, in order to boost FTE in the CSC and CUR.
We have some curs on campus?
Yes we do. CAMD, CLA, CMS, CEPS and JGCS need more TAs, GAs, and RAs for the NSF grants, unless the NCAA objects so we can meet the HLC/NCA requirements for the OHLAP.
Obviously, it seems so. OSHRE wants QUIF to help the RAC the UPC at with PSS.
The cat pissed?
About the same. USDOE thinks that SCT might work it out on the URR for USCARE.
That’s grammatically incorrect. It’s “we care.”
I know, but you have to know how to use all these initials to be an administrator at UCO.
Are they related to all that CUPA stuff?
Yeah, they’re all first cousins. CUPA, STUPA, and on and on.
Why do they have so many?
Do you understand them? Can you pronounce them? Do they have anything to do with teaching?
You have your answer.
I think I’d rather deal with LUST.
Yes, Let Us Simply Teach.

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