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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Je suis canadien!

That's what we were prepared to say when we went to Paris five years ago. The U.S. was unpopular, and we were worried about the French response.

We were astounded...we were treated well, with respect--separate from the scorn for Bush. We didn't have to use that excuse....

Tonight, it is not an excuse...we'd all be proud to say, "Je suis canadien!"

Isn't it great to have good neighbors? Yes, it is. I'm glad they won the hockey game! Vive le Canada!


  1. Ditto. Great Hockey Game. I was happy either way.

  2. My sentiments exactly! It was very exciting to be here and watch the city explode when that final shot was made. When I lived in Athens for a year - it got to the point there I had to say I was from Canada. Great post.

  3. Commie..you don't even watch hockey either! :-)


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