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Monday, November 15, 2010

Poetry--the hard edge

"Poetry--the hard edge of truth cutting against the fog of life, bringing light and color to the world."

I actually wrote that, after reading the latest poem at http://oldmossymoon.blogspot.com
by my blogfriend Kay Lawson Gilbert of Pennsylvania. Her poetry disturbs me--in a good way, and you shouldn't be missing it.

Bradbury wrote in "Zen in the Art of Writing" http://www.raybradbury.com/that we ought to read poetry every day because it exercises muscles we don't often use. I don't read poetry every day, but I've found Old Mossy Moon to always exercise my mind and senses with images and sharp-edged economy of words in the fog of an over-wordy world.


  1. Some time ago I added a daily poem to my nighttime reading habit in addition to the chapter a day I read of the Bible. I don't fully understand many of the poems that I read with my rational mind but they affect positively anyway. Right now I'm working my way through "The Best Poems of 2009" anthology so I get quite a variety.

  2. Terry, I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived here this evening. I appreciate your endorsement more than I can say.

    I recall Whitman's words in paraphrase; he said to be a good poet one must have good readers. Well, you are the best!


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