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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gandhi and me--India journal

First views from SRM University, Chennai, India...
A student asked to take this photo, in front of a statue of Gandhi at the gate to SRM University. He said proudly of Gandhi, "the father of our country."
Though largely a resident campus (students live in "hostels," not "dorms"), big yellow buses also transport students from the city, 30 km away, to campus. Every college--engineering, etc--has individual buses.Those are bricks in the foreground. There is construction everywhere in India.
This is the college of bio-engineering. Lots of new buildings in the 25 year old private university.
I took this photo to show all the varied dress on the campus.
Street signs on campus...you're not in Kansas anymore.
Motorcycles are a main mode of transportation in India and on campus. We could learn from this...park in a no parking area and they deflate your tires!
One more view of Gandhi...
We have much to learn from this country and civilizations. More photos and comments and videos to come.

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