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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where's the 'boose?

I've been captivated, as long as I can remember,with Cabooses.

They no long follow long freight trains, but every time I see one sitting on a siding, I want one. I've written about them many times, and will do so more, I expect. I'll share those ideas and yearning s later. So today, I tried  painting one sitting on a siding at the Heber Railroad in Utah, taken years ago.

First time was  a failure...too much detail and not enough emotion.
so today's painting is smaller--5 by 7 at the most, but the kind I've given to friends and fellow railroad enthusiasts Jill and Roy Kelsey in Christmas cards...

But at least , on second try, I've managed a painting a day since Saturday--there's another story.

I wanta boose!

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  1. I love cabooses also. Don't see them on trains any more. Shoot, here in Tulsa many of the trains are operated by remote control. Scary! Plus who is going to wave at the kids. The engineers all used to wave at kids.