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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Inspiration, and a coffee shop?

Wide open skies...fellow blogger and lover of New Mexico Alan Bates of Tulsa, Yogi's Den, http://www.yogis-den.com/ changed the layout of his blog recently, including a photo of what looks like Osage County and the Great Plains. I love it, and he includes a story of one of his hobbies, geocaching. You gotta read it.

I've been tinkering with my blog, and need to do more, soon as computer whiz kid and son Travis helps me, naturally.

Creativity runs in cycles, or hard work primarily, but travel and friends and ideas all help.

Driving into Paseo yesterday I needed a cub of coffee. Two convenience stores didn't have any. So I went to the friendly folks at Picasso's cafe, a few doors up from Adelante! Gallery.

But it got me to thinking. What does Paseo not have? A coffee shop.

Oh, it used to have a dingy one where a martini bar now is, but maybe I need to consider a coffee shop there. Not that I have the money for something fancy like Coffee Slingers, or perhaps as hippie with it as Red Cup, or as evangelical as Full Cup, but maybe...

Think I could make a go of it? Wi-Fi? Sure, what else?

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  1. You are too kind Terry.
    You are right on with the photo. It is one of the vistas on the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Osage County.


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