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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Labor Day

"Paint something for Labor Day," said my wife.
What a farce... most of America does not honor real labor any more
Think about your job as a "white"color worker. You don't labor, you sit in front of a computer and hope it is not outsourced to India
Who "labors"? The Latinos and Asians and others who carry the blue collar dream of America--oil field workers, secretaries--hard work brings results.
Disagree? Who does the majority of the lawn work for the lazy Gringos?
So here is my painting...a laborer, probably of Mexican descent in the lettuce fields, or blacks in the cotton fields, or Asians working on railroads. No health care, no retirement, no cushion, only minimum or less wages--slave labor really.
Spoiled gringos like me don't care....we think we own the country, on the backs of those who really work. And some are doing their best to make sure they can't vote. Where are they represented in the Republican National Convention?
I don't like Labor Unions, but when I consider the abuses of those in power exploiting cheap labor, I understand...You have big business, and big government (now owned by big business), you need something to represent the real workers.
So this Labor Day, as you grill hamburgers or go to the lake and jet ski in your $2,000+ machine, remember those who have to work two or more jobs to survive, at 7-Eleven, or some fast food joint....trying to survive.
They Labor.

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