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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The coming death of public higher education

Dr, Hochenauer
Colleague, friend, and top blogger Kurt Hochenauer writes  "Okie funk," a blog that's won national and state awards, and is the result of hours he puts into it every week, year after year.
While it's a "liberal" political blog, he articles don't call names, but offer opinions of facts and trends in this very conservative state. though now an English professor, his background as a newspaper reporter shows in everything he writers.
His most recent article is a response on OU President David Boren's warning of the death of public higher education. I think it's a must read, because both Boren (a conservative, a scholar, a former governor and senator and I think the most powerful person in Oklahoma) talk about facts I see even here at UCO, such as our so called "profit-share"  of summer funds with departments. That is part of the "corporate model" referred to in the article, one that could lead to the death of public higher education, and make it accessible only to the rich.
David Boren
I started to quote just a few of the thought provoking comments from Kurt's blog, but discovered I'd want to quote them all.
So here, check on the link for an analysis of a chilling trend in Oklahoma higher education, "Boren's lament."


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