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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A year ago...Alaskan wonder land

Arriving at Juneau Airport
One of the  glaciers  at Tracy Arm Fjord
Exactly a year ago today, we landed in Juneau, and stayed at the Capitol Inn Bed and Breakfast, across the street from the Capitol. In the morning, we departed for a most of the day tour to see Tracy Arm fjord and glaciers. I know we only touched the hem of this great wilderness, but still, it was a trip of a lifetime. If I was younger, I'd be trying to move there. So few people, such vastness. I'm hooked.
Mankind is so small, Alaska so huge, and the earth so magnificent. Even after a year, I think of the wonder that we met every day, every minute. It is part of  the earth not yet dominated or controlled by man, the way it was before we "civilized" and overpopulated the place. The lessons of Alaska are astounding, and free the spirit from the everyday world. It makes you so aware that you won't pass this way again, so enjoy every moment, every scene, every meal, all the people.
You can check my multiple blog posts from last year with lots of photos by searching "Alaska" in the sidebar at right. Here's the link to the itinerary:
May 16, 2012...Sue and I at the glacier, listening to the groaning of the ice, and ice scraping against the hull.

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