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Monday, May 27, 2013

Tornado shelters needed--a voice in the wilderness

Friend, colleague and blogger extraordinaire Dr. Kurt Hochenauer writes about what we must do in Oklahoma to mandate tornado shelters, in his blog, Okie funk, notes from the outback. http://www.okiefunk.com/
For years he's been a voice crying in the wilderness of Oklahoma about the need for shelters, without heed, as even more people die, most recently in Moore, again. 
Yes, his is a liberal blog, but where is the politics in not mandating shelters. Right wing, limited-government Oklahoma politicians keep saying no, all the while taking all those FEMA disaster dollars, third in the nation, per capita. Those are the facts.
Here's his op-ed piece in the Washington Post this week. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/oklahoma-needs-to-do-more-with-securing-buildings-from-tornados/2013/05/23/43e8aaee-c3d8-11e2-914f-a7aba60512a7_story.html
How many more  children will have to die?

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