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Saturday, July 1, 2017

July's challenge--watercolor

White Sands Sunset, 5 x 7, 300 Lb. d'Arches
The year is half gone, and perhaps the stars are aligned for discovery.
June was the worst month for the blog since the beginning, and dissatisfaction led me to the bookstore, scanning writing and art magazines.
There I discovered it's World Watercolor month, and a challenge in Watercolor Artist for a painting a day. Although I've attempted daily paintings before, it's been a while, and lately, my painting has suffered for a lack of ...something.
"Paint what you feel" wrote one of the authors in two of the used books I've bought recently. Mostly that has led to failures you'll never see, and not many paintings.
The challenge goaded me.
What am I feeling is the main question--then painting will come. And as I sit in Oklahoma, thoughts come to travel, and especially New Mexico. 
Surreal mood and feeling, It's been years since I've been to White Sands, but a little research and thought and mood...a another year now on the downside, the ending of a day, blue offsetting brilliant colors, and the drama of landscapes that shape our lives. White sands is surreal.
#WorldWatercolorMonth - Challenge accepted.

Palette--Permanent Rose,  Alizerin Crimson, Cobalt blue, Thalo Blue, Ultamarine blue, Aureolin yellow.

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