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Monday, July 24, 2017

Genesis, "Red Shift"--watercolor

Genesis, 5.5 by 7.5 watercolor, 300 lb. d'Arches
"The Big Bang," the explosion of a universe out of nothing, constantly expanding, impossible to understand or grasp by earthbound mortals perhaps, yet embodied in the first few lines of the mortal Jewish Torah account of creation --making something from nothing--Genesis.
"Red shift," astronomers and other scientists explain, as the  universe expands at the speed of light. A Doppler effect--the more something goes away, the longer the wave length--shifting to red. (I had to look all that up)
In my past few minuscule mortal "years," I've often commented that I feel I'm about to explode, because so much "new" is happening, as the world moves faster, as I encounter new ideas and energies  in  life, in ideas, in experiences, in people.
I know why. There is red shift every day, not necessarily of people moving away, but in constant, rapid change.
Does that not mean that every moment, every day is a Genesis, an explosion of creation, of new universes? New energies, new ideas, new spiritual and mental and physical encounters--new possibilities? Saddest of all are those live as though creation is over, that there is only daily existence, senseless to the explosions all around them.
"Red Shift"--the infinite new possibilities  in a universe of people in space/time.
Day 24 of WorldWatercolorMonth challenge.
Palette--reds, yellows, blues--the primary colors of creation.

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  1. Love this post Terry. Lots of people don't grasp about the possibilities, and that there really is new stuff under the sun.


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