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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Green leaves of Oklahoma--watercolor

Oklahoma's Green Leaves of Summer, Watercolor, 5 by 7 300 lb. d'Arches
                        "The green leaves of summer

                        Are calling me home
                        Twas so good to be young then
                        In the season of plenty"

                                                --Green Leaves of Summer
Summertime...and the living is sometimes easy, and almost always hot, in Oklahoma, but the song that catches our lush, verdant  season most more me is the haunting "The Green Leaves of Summer."
I first heard the song long ago, as part of the soundtrack for the movie "The Alamo," and I still have that original 33 1/3 record (now called vinyl).
For me,  a Texas native, watching the glorified, but still poignant movie about the Texas shrine, the song captured the longing of all warriors facing death for the plentiful security of past summers when the world was simpler. 
Ever since, when I hear that song, I get a little teary eyed with the memories of those long ago summers, of youth long gone, and of  men who knew they were going to die against impossible odds.
Here's the summer version of my Oklahoma watercolor series, lush green fields, gentle summer rain, life's promise for the future, even with death always in our presence in the metaphorical old barn.
(Day 12, WorldWatercolorMonth challenge)
(The Brothers Four sang the song, soundtrack by Dimitri Tiomkin, lyrics by Paul Francis Webster. )

Palette--Prussian blue, Cobalt blue, Burnt and Raw umber, Auereolin yellow, Cadmium red, True green, Thalo green


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  1. Dear Dr. Terry Clark, Yes! I, too, always think of John Wayne's production o "The Alamo" and of the 1836 siege itself when I hear the song, Green Leaves of Summer. Remember The Alamo!


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