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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sunset Sail, watercolor

Sunset sail, watercolor, 5 by 7, 3-- lb. d'Arches
"Use more color" is becoming my mantra the more I paint for several reasons.
Reading about J.M.W.Turner's great work, he confounded and astounded the world as he increasingly used more color, more yellow, more reds, more oranges. I'll never be on a par with his talent and genious, but from my reading and study of him, I learn.
As I tell my students, take risks, experiment, dare to fail. I need to follow my own advice. That's what today's painting, and yesterday's are about. Color in my life, and work, is inspired by the landscape, by people, by the sky, and by what happens every day. We don't live in a gray, dull world. More color.
Why not? Let's go sailing at sunset.
Day 20 of WorldWatercolorMonth
Palette--Cad Orange, Quin Scarlet,  Prurssian, Cobalt, Thalo blues, a green, raw sienna.

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