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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday blues

I've never done Black Friday, and here's why...shopping for a new TV. I ask computer-tech guru son Travis for advice, and we go shop at Target yesterday. I plan to avoid the Best Buy madness, and figure I'll come to the local Super Target today and figure it will be more sane.
It opens at 8 pm, and I arrive, park in the nearby Lowe's parking lot, 'cause I can see the other is over flowing.
I walk up to the door, at 8 pm, and a stream of people files hurriedly in, all the way down the front of the long building. I say to the cop, "This is crazy," and he asks me to move across the street with the other longlookers. I walk down the front of the building, past a constant stream of people both ways, and see the line stretched all the way around the building to the rear, far away. Already, by 8:05, there are people coming out with 50 inch TVs in shopping carts. 
I walk back and stop to talk with an onlooker. He says he waited in his car, until about 7:46, got out, and just stands amazed. It's his last "black Friday," he says. I can't imagine the lines at the checkout counters inside.
Me, I walk away, shaking my head, wondering what the world has come to. I'll order online, thank you.

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  1. Yep, me 2, no Black Friday for me ever. I already have a television. Of course the only thing we seem to be able to get on it is Hallmark movies and HGTV.


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