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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Micro-managers' manifesto & guide, chapter 1

(Based on experience, observation, and stories of victims of micro-managers)
  • You must be in charge of every aspect of your subordinates' jobs
  • Trust no one
  • Boost your own ego and importance
  • Act like you're an expert in fields you have no experience in
  • Lie about directives coming from higher up
  • Demand complete agreement
  • Surround yourself with "Yes" people--sycophants who have no backbone
  • Increase your staff with such people, so you have more time to micromanage others
  • Overrule, and get even, with anyone who disagrees with you
  • Be vengeful; double talk and fear rules
  • Only give credit to others when it increases your stature
  • No independent thought or actions allowed
  • Master all the acronyms of your organization, so that nobody knows what you're talking about
  • Keep plenty of slogans handy, about being good for the students, or customers, or whoever
  • Always demand recognition for what you do from your subordinates
  • Always demand they recognize how great you are
  • Never allow independent thoughts or ideas without your prior approval
  • Insist on multiple, frequent, long meetings, without agendas
  • Use the code  words for control:  "We want to help you" 
  • Insist on uniform rules and forms for everyone
  • Lavish praise and big words on those above you
  • Always defend those above you
  • Always act like you're really on the side of the others
  • Always come up with "new" initiatives and paperwork, to keep your underlings occupied with busy work and away from meaningful, creative work
  • Always smile 

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