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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The plumber and the professor did both agree...ditty

Note from Facebook:  Conversation with colleauge Dr. Kole Kleeman today, him saying more people should consider vocational careers. He cited his plumber, who makes good money.
My rejoinder. I agree. "We have much in common." Trying to clean this up for fb. "We both deal with effluent." Later thoughts. At least he can flush it and wash his hands. In higher ed administration, it just clogs everything up and we're stuck with it.

The plumber and  the professor did both agree
Effluent runs downhill, until there's a clog.
When it backs up, it's plain to see
Someone needs to free that log.
For the plumber it's a plunger,
but the prof  can only hunger
'Cause the pipe's gonna flush
but higher ed makes more slush.
At the end of the day,
what can you say?
The plumber did his ministration
and the prof gagged on administration.
The plumber washed his hands well,
The prof just choked on the smell.
The pipes ran free from curse
But higher ed got worse.
Just give the toilet handle a jerk,
while profs are drowning in paper work.


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