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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Traveling toward Christmas

Traveling toward Christmas, 6 x 9 watercolor
The story of Christmas has always been  one of travel, starting with Mary and Joseph far away from home, seeking shelter, and the wise men following a star to find them.
Ever since, the faithful have made pilgrimages in His honor, to churches, to holy places, to remember.
And today, even more people travel to be with their families and loved ones. It is no accident that "I'll be home for Christmas," is such a favorite. My second son is soon on the road back to the Texas panhandle and Oklahoma. My brother-in-law is flying from California, and in a few days I'll visit youngest son and his family in Iowa. It's all about the joy of reunion, of the awareness of passing years and miles. Traveling toward Christmas--no wonder it's the busiest travel time of the year. I pray for safe journeys.
We are all mindful of those who can't come home for Christmas, and we'd better be mindful of those who have no home for Christmas. And on my mind much and missed are those who used to come home for Christmas, or to whose home we traveled -- who won't be there this Christmas. They've made another journey to an eternal home.

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