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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Barn again

"Oklahoma Memories," 14" x 20" watercolor, plus frame
Old barns grab my attention, as did this one in eastern Oklahoma County a couple of years ago. It demanded a painting, with some artistic license. Excuse the reflections on the glass.
The current issue
I'm proud and excited that our official state magazine,  Oklahoma Today, paired it with a poem by poet and  my friend and small book publisher Jeanetta Calhoon Mish of Mongrel Empire Press inside this current issue. 

Go buy a copy. Poets and painters see differently I think, but both see things that others don't. The poem and painting together have a rich flavor.   This is an honor for me because Jeanetta is a full time poet, writer, teacher and publisher, and to have a part-time painter's work accompanying her professional work is a validation of my work. I've written for the magazine before, and plan to again, but this is a really big deal for me. This version shows reflections, but the magazine's copy is a clear scan. P.S. Yes, it's for sale.
I found this old barn driving around on the backroads east of here one Saturday--one of my favorite pastimes. It was decaying away, and the light wasn't good, but it helped me be free with color, and I could embellish the composition as I wished.

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  1. Terry, thank you for the lovely comments about me--and thank you even more for being my friend and collaborator. My husband keeps asking what I want for my birthday, today--how much is that painting, anyway? ; )


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