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Saturday, February 7, 2015

The twisting, uphill Road to Los Alamos--framed

Road to Los Alamos, 8" by 10" oil
Framed!  It's amazing how getting that done boosts my attitude. 
It's been sitting here drying for weeks, and I put on a light coat of retouching varnish this week. It'll have to dry another five months before the final varnish. But. First oil. Hanging! There's a slight bluish tint to the photograph I can't seem to correct, but this was exciting.
A month ago
"Do you like oils," a friend asked. "I don't know," I replied. Not sure. Don't dislike them, but I'm out of my comfort zone here. Yes, there are advantages compared to watercolor, but it is so different. And I have so much I don't know. 
I'm hesitant to start another, because they take so much time, and I'm short on that right now. I do know that when I'm painting, the rest of the world goes away. 
With each brush stroke, I'm experimenting, and growing in wonder at what my Dad and other oil painters have accomplished. 
I guess it's fitting that the road to Los Alamos, New Mexico,  is a twisting,  uphill journey in beautiful country.

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  1. Nice!! My mother painted scenes of the southwest like Canyon del Chelly. When she came to visit she brought her varnish to apply to the paintings she gave us.