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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Books, books, cool books, Ed abbey, bears, Bill Gates & more

 "You have some cool books," said  Susan last night as I was telling her about Ed Abbey, and Sean Prentiss' book "Finding Abbey" about trying to find Abbey's hidden grave in the Arizona desert. I'd written about it earlier,  "Characters, not cookie-cutters" , and today I finished it, the first book of this year.
I won't tell you if he found the grave or not...you'll have to read the book.
But then I started looking at my bookshelves, reawakening my interest in Abbey's friends and authors, including two who have written about my totem Grizz, David Peterson, "The Ghost Grizzlies," and Doug Peacock, "The Essential Grizzly," both of whom Prentiss interviewed for his book.
There they are in my grizzly section, waiting to be reread, next to some of my Abbey books.
Right underneath it is my New Mexico section, many first editions--more cool books.
Speaking of re-reading, I now must go and find a new copy of his "Desert Solitaire" and reread. 
1968 1st edition cover
Then this morning, I find a New York Times article on Bill Gates reading about 50 books a year, and the ones he recommends on his blog, Gatesnotes. Oh, and by the way, he reads books on paper, not digitally. I knew I liked the guy.
Here's to cool books.

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