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Monday, January 25, 2016

Of gates, and journeys, and watercolor

"High Lonesome," 9" by 7" watercolor, 140# d'Arches
I'm not sure what it is about gates, but they captivate me, spur my imagination.
There's a hint of adventure, of beckoning journeys, that lead to something undiscovered. I guess that's why I have written and painted a lot of them. See "A Gate Always Beckons."
This one goes back deeply, to a lost painting of my Dad's, and it's a theme I've approached many times. It's been accepted into the juried member show at Paseo Arts District, Feb. 5-29 in OKC, and yes it's for sale.
It's not that I really want to sell it, but it has to be priced to enter the show. Something happened to my painting here that I can't explain, except my work was more luminous and fluid that others, taking advantage of the beauty and magic of watercolor.
Part of its appeal, and others similar to it is that many people identify with it, either in some gate they saw, or knew long ago, and such things bring back wistful memories. I've opened gates like that long past, and when I see them  in the country side, I almost always have to stop and take a photo. In my imagination, they lead to a cabin, and solitude and quiet.
I guess that's part of it with me too. Although I'm captivated even with the word "gate." That's another post, except to let you know I really want to go to Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska. Told you there's magic in the word.

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  1. Oh yes gates are it. It took me a while to figure out why ranchers, farmers,oilfield guys, and pipeliners were okay with me riding with them. They were just looking for somebody to open and shut the gates.


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