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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

White is valuable real estate, story of a painting

 Finishing touches, Green wheat and red dirt, 8 b y 10, matted for 11 x 14.
Watercolor demands patience and planning, thus my tutor in humility.
"White is valuable real estate, don't squander it," said one teacher of watercolor.
There's only the paper, no white paint. 
In this record, I should have started just showing how I didn't paint the house, but started moving to quickly. 
Center of interest, the white house, positioned from value sketch, and rough outline on paper, but only a hint of it, outlined by trees. Then the back porch. Then the "windows." The the roof of the barn, more trees plus shadows on the house and barn. Then the road.
Next wheat, background, shadows, spaces for poles.

 Then more wheat, more shadows.
Finishing touches at top, sky, fences, poles, more shadows. Notice how roof of house and barn is lighter...not really, it's the contrast in the sky. Add the mat to make the house snap.

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