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Friday, September 27, 2019

Sketching untold Territorial stories

Grave of W.E. Jacobs--March 18,1835 to Jan 1. 1897
What to do when the muse seems to have gone on vacation?
Think. Imagine. Draw. The muse responds to work, not sitting still.
I've written several times, and painted as well at the Territorial Oakwood Cemetery at the end of 15th Street in Edmond, right before you get to Lake Arcadia.
It's a place I go for quiet, imagination, and memories.
Today, I took my sketch book, and three markers--light gray medium gray and dark gray or black--usually used for value sketches before I paint, and drove over there, not knowing what was going to happen.
I'm particularly attracted to the several Civil War veterans' graves, many more veterans' graves, and to the many infant graves. The cemetery is still maintained, and flowers and flags decorate many of the graves. Early Oklahoma territory was a fatal frontier for many settlers.
Plastic flowers, and a  lamb Earl. W. Kootz, Nov. 6, 1894 Aged 6 yrs, 4 mos, 2 days
Seeking shade and the breeze, I started looking at the many older tombstones. So many stories, so much art that could become a project.
So here they are, three values only, as the afternoon sun cast strong shadows on the green grass, and the wind whipped the flag and taller grass.
Broke, and tilted, Loid Waters, April 13, 1892 to May 21, 1892

Though Oakwood is still a family cemetery, these childrens' graves list their parents. Both of these were by themselves, which means the parents moved on and must be buried elsewhere.
So many stories, and thus, so much art, just waiting.
And here are five links to previous posts with photos and and artwork. Here's one watercolor done two years ago on Memorial Day.

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