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Sunday, September 1, 2019

The power of painting

I believe in "places of power," places where some other writers have said the universe is "thin" between our physical word and eternity. I've written about them before.
If you're a believer, you can sense them when you get close, or are magnetically drawn to them. For me, some are located in New Mexico...the ruins of the mission at Pecos,  at Chaco Canyon, near the Truchas Peaks, and in the shadow of the Manzano Mountains. I have found one, actually more human made,  nearby these  last few years in Oklahoma--but that is secret. 
The Power of Pecos
I know there are other such places in the world for other peoples...Taos Mountain, Jerusalem, Mecca, Himalayan shrines come to mind. Many would use the word "sacred" to describe them, and I don't disagree. It seems to me if a place brings our earthly existence in contact with the spiritual, eternal existence, it is sacred, powerful.
It's interesting to me that I've tried to paint some of my sense of power in each of those.
Then a couple of years ago,   after reading books by several authors whose thoughts seemed to coincidentally overlap or echo, I found insight into painting  and power from a  conversation with another part of me.
I found it again this morning, searching for solitude and direction, which prompted these thoughts. Here it is.

"Good morning Terry Mike"
"Morning, Terry
"Beautiful day, good coffee,  smell of bacon frying. morning light on the Manzanos is beautiful--love the colors."
"Yes it is"
"This is one of those places of power, both to my Dad and now that I think about it, me, wanting to paint it too."
"Yes it is"
"I need to go to a place of power"
"You can create your own places of power, Terry"
"Wow. I need to finish that painting. I've tried several times and failed, started over. why am I so intimidated?"
"Maybe you don't paint enough."
"Yes, we've talked about that before--so I need to be painting more, i know"
"Did you notice all these worries disappeared when you were painting yesterday?"
"Yep. I keep thinking about someone  telling me she'd never seen me so happy as when I'm painting."
"Don't you know that when you are painting, you're in a place of power"
"Wow again"
"It's time to leave, but I don't want to,  but  time to go back to that other world--almost said 'real' world but didn't. Did you notice Terry Mike?"

"Yes, because this is also a real world--it's only a tangent to it"

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