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Saturday, December 7, 2019

"Don't Forget," U.S.S. Arizona, Dec., 7, 1941, 5 x 7 watercolor
Sometimes, often in fact, less is more.
So it is with another Dec. 7, as the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor approaches 80 years. Words can lose their significance and power if repeated too often, or over the passage of years. 
Here are two small watercolors that I hope skim the surface of histories and memories of that day. If they have a common caption, I'd like it to be, "Don't Forget."
Since I was privileged to visit there a few years ago, I've written about it many times, and tried to paint my emotions.
Instead of repeating those ideas,  below are links to  two of those articles on this blog, with photos and more, that tell more of the story.
A Profound Stillness
Where There is Peace on Earth
"Where you can't forget," U.S.S. Arizona, 2019

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