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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Why, the state of the blog at year's end--III

"10-year old coffee" traffic--but it started in May, 2009. 
At year's end, this blog, now going on 11 years, will have had the fewest posts in its life--112--but it is still alive, for now.
That's because it began as a journalist/professor's blog in May 2009 with no idea how long it would live, and gradually changed through the years kept alive as I taught blogging at UCO. 
It gradually ebbed, as I turned more to art and less toward writing. In 2018 I missed two months blogging at all, the first vacancies. I came close this year, with only one post in November.
But as it's changed with art, art has also helped rescue it. This December's postings, including this one, has generated more traffic than any other in five years.
Part of that is because of daily watercolor cards and thoughts. The other however is a huge amount of traffic from Russia--more than 2,600 in one month. (This has happened before with an all time high of almost 8,000 monthly hits which I thought perhaps Russians had "hacked" onto it.)
But that's all conjecture.
Speaking of that, the five most read blog posts go all the way back.
Here are the facts for this year, and for the record.

Traffic, posting  facts--
  • 298,000+ page views since 2009 (up 23,000 from last year)
  • Highest monthly traffic, this month--5,560+
  • Lowest monthly traffic, March--946
  • Lowest monthly traffic--May, 2018--638 
  • Most posts in a month, this month, 29 so far
  • Fewest posts in a month--November, 1
Posts per year--
  • 2019--109
  • 2018 --149 
  • 2017--158
  • 2016--137
  • 2015--136
  • 2014--276
  • 2013--252
  • 2012--203
  • 2011--134
  • 2010--292
  • 2009--339 (started in May)
  •  Totals--2,119 posts in 3,313 days
Total page views by countries--
What I have failed to do this year is keep up with readers from new locations. I know it's probably the same, at about 153 or so around the world.
In 2019--top page hits
United States
United Kingdom

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