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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Loose ends

"Loose Ends," 6 x 8 watercolor, rough Indian paper 
Life is full of loose ends.
Gloomy day thoughts. 
Things that just don't add up, or make sense. Friends and families and loves disconnected. Regrets.
Journeys unfinished. Thoughts interrupted. Dreams unfulfilled. Opportunities missed. People unmet. Mistakes uncorrected. Sins unforgiven. Books unread. Poems unwritten. Blessings unappreciated. Questions unanswered. 
Tattered laundry hanging on a clothes line, unraveling and ruffled by the breeze. 
Loose ends.


To which, Yahweh, tells Ursa:
"Be alive to the communion of time and chance. The present may not be all you want, but it is what you have, and it is enough to sustain you."
        --N. Scott Momaday, In the Bear's House

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