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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Toasting the passage of time past

Reunion Cemetery, Oklahoma County

The relic speaks  through the centuries
Take a birthday drive on the back roads, and you can travel into the past.
I am drawn to old cemeteries and love to walk through them, thinking of the stories, marveling at the names, humbled by the creativity.
Such were the discoveries today at the territorial Reunion Cemetery I found north and east of Edmond. It haunts of  tragedies and loves, of lives long and lives shortened.
"Mother," 1840-1905, 

No name, but a flag for a vet
Gone and forgotten. Gone and remembered. When names and tombstones spoke of simpler times, of tougher times, more individualistic times, even though there are newer graves here too.


The Bridges, Adeline, 39 in 1907, Napoleon, 53 in 1912

WWI brother veterans

Another WWI vet

He died in combat in WWI

Bundora Wallace, 30, died in 1893


Another one forgotten in a lonely place

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