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Friday, August 7, 2020

Prairie Psychology

"Prairie Rorschach," 8 x 10, 140 lb, d'Arches cold press paper
Ideas for art come from everywhere, if you just look, especially at nature,
Today's watercolor, another antidote, and a fitting one by title and inspiration,  to the pandemics of virus, racism and political bigotry affecting us all come from a twitter post.
I'm indebted to Dr. Jim Bohn of Milwaukee for a photo and comment he posted earlier this year, "Rorschach in the Sky." 
He's an author and "organizational contrarian" and a watcher of skies. His website: BlueCollarScholar. It's neat who you can meet in social media.
This painting has been brewing for a while and the time arrived after my studies in using complementary colors, and this one works because of yellow orange and purple/violet.
"Prairie Rorschach." What do you see? I see wide open spaces and peace. (BTW, this is on d'Arches paper because Fabriano couldn't handle the water and give me the graded washes for the sky.)
Jim Bohn's  photo "Rorschach in the Sky"

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