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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Watercolor lessons in humility and story telling

"Memories, after the storm," 8" x 10" watercolor, 140 lb. d'Arches cold press paper
A week ago, I began trying to paint the chapel at Fort Reno. The results have been multiple lessons in humility, watercolor, and story telling. 
After several unfinished attempts ending in frustration, I managed to at least complete one I'm at least not disappointed in.  The first attempt I wrote about last week. See "A painting begins".
The painting changed from horizontal to vertical format this week, a lesson in composition. A lesson in complementary colors and contrast gave the front a slight orange glow to help tell the story, reflecting the morning sun after a storm. A lesson in figures and contrast added to the story possibilities. 
I wanted to paint more than just a building...buildings are basically boxes, not that hard. But historic ones deserve more than just a rendition, a photographic replica.
I hoped to catch some of the power and history of that chapel built by German and Italian POWs the year I was born.
there have to be so many memories in that building, past and present. I wanted to try to paint what inspired me--the thoughts of those memories, plus the metaphor of a morning "after the storm."
That's the story of this lesson in watercolors...I learned much, about watercolors, and myself.

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