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Wednesday, September 23, 2020


"Alone," 6 by 10, watercolor, 140 lb Fabriano Artistico extra white cold press 

"You gotta walk that lonesome valley,
You gotta walk it by yourself,
Nobody here can walk it for you,
You gotta walk it by yourself."

        --Woody Guthrie

In these days of pandemic, racism and political tyranny, I feel more and more alone.

Woody's songs don't seem to help, but that he felt the same  in other bad times, when the future of the country he loved was teetering.

This time not because of economics, but because of the twin pandemics of virus and tyranny in the open-door closet.

I won't get out of this alive, but I always knew I need to paint what "I feel," and this is what I feel.

Today's watercolor says all of that. I am so alone.

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