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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Mountain refuge

Stormy Refuge, 5 x 1 1/2 watercolor, 300 lb d'Arches
Where do you go for refuge, for sanctuary,  in these times of turmoil?
For the religious, Psalm 46 has an answer, and for the writer, his personal turmoil and danger  would have matched ours.
And I suppose, for believers and spiritual in an omnipresent Creativity, that means we are all part of God.
Thus I can seek refuge in my imagination, in my creativity, and in my memories, when we seemingly have no other choice.
We are desperate for  refuge and sanctuary to maintain our mental health in these stormy days of pandemic viruses, racism, hatred and political chaos that attack our every well-being.
Refuges I've always counted on are the mountains, and cabins of New Mexico and Colorado--and we just postponed a journey there for solace because of incoming weather.
I have no choice, shaking off disappointment, to journey into my memories, and spontaneously spread paint from those thoughts and experience.
Thus you have today's watercolor, an abstract expression of stormy refuge from my imagination.

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