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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Valentine memories--a story

"Your Voice is Springtime," 8 x 10 140 lb d'Arches rough press paper

a good day, a bitterly cold, snowy day, to return a gift, to think of warm weather and warm hearts.
Today's watercolor is a second attempt in three days at pushing myself toward something I've never done before, stretching, working, learning. 
To tell the complete story, I'd have to post the black  and white photo by David Whyte in his poetry book Essentials, but it's copyright, so I'm not sure I can. No time to ask for permission.
But it, captioned "Talking All Morning," lifted my spirits and memories, bringing inspiration for painting.
The previous one followed his composition, with the challenge of  the foliage, figures, and more, but I was free to imagine the colors.
Yesterday, I sketched a better composition and value drawing, vowing to try to do a watercolor today.
So here it is, with more than one wash, and a step by step learning process. It's pretty good, and  has to be a gift. My wife gave me his book as part of her valentine tradition of giving me poetry books.
This is for her.
Captions could have been, "Talking all morning,'' but also comes to mind, "I could have watched your eyes all day," or "Your Voice is Springtime," or simply, "Us." Memories. Take your pick, or add your own.
So here, a gift from a gift--Happy Valentine's Day, Susan.
(below is the value sketch and first attempt, two days ago http://clarkcoffee.blogspot.com/2021/02/summer-dreams-and-valentines.html.)

"Talking all morning, 8 x 10

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