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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nov. 22, 1963

  Nov. 22--I was a freshman at Oklahoma Christian...member of the Young Republicans...a Goldwater man. The President was murdered...we took down the political stuff and put up a photo of JFK, draped in black. I wonder if today's bitter, religious right conservatives (who rejoiced when the President failed to get the Olympics and preach from pulpits that liberals are Satanists) would have the class to show respect if the same tragedy happens again.... or would they rejoice with Fox "News"?

Photos by a fellow student who was in Dallas that day.

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  1. You mean Faux News? I am so amazed at these people; their hatred for anything different (progressive?) is clouding their vision for success, growth and knowledge. One example is Global-Warming-Is-A-Hoax (Sen.) Inhof. So much proof out there, yet because “liberals” came up with such a notion, he won’t believe it. Or, here’s another weird thing; people are furious with our president for respecting other cultures. They say he should not bow—instead by obnoxious ugly Americans and stand there…


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